Where can you find a blockchain job?

The Blockchain is perhaps the most interesting technology of the current time. This is because blockchain is more than just bitcoin! For those interested in the topic, there are many different opportunities to get a foothold in this industry. From software developers, to engineers, to analysts, there are a variety of jobs offered here.

What are the tasks in the blockchain area?

Since the jobs in demand in the blockchain sector are so diverse, it is not possible to generalize the tasks at all. However, blockchain developers are certainly among the most sought-after talents. These software developers, for example, are busy expanding the blockchain further. Alternatively, there are also developers who work on new digital currencies and tokens. App developers and backend developers are also sought after by many companies.

It’s not just programmers who can find jobs here. Blockchain engineers, business analysts, socialmedia managers and other jobs want to be filled here.

The industry that has developed around blockchain and cryptocurrencies and has become huge in the meantime. Therefore, it is not surprising that you can find many different career opportunities here.

Where can you work on the blockchain?

There are countless national and international companies offering various positions in the blockchain field. These include security companies, stock exchange platforms, banks, financial institutions, private companies and many more. Well-known companies that hire for blockchain include IBM, SAP, Fujitsu, but also Welthungerhilfe.

You can also already see from the possible employers how diverse the job market for blockchain jobs is. In addition, there are countless startups in this field that are looking for employees in various fields.

How do you get a blockchain job?

If you want to work on the blockchain or in the field of cryptocurrencies, you have different options. Meanwhile, there are some degree programs for blockchain programmers and developers. Among them, for example, study programs such as “Blockchain & Distributive Ledger Technologies”. If you want to approach the topic of blockchain more from a financial perspective, you can also do an MBA in Blockchain Management.

However, universities are still lagging far behind in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. If you want to teach yourself programming, you can find help on the internet faster than at any university.

So you don’t necessarily need an education or a degree to find a job. Even if you have taught yourself everything before your own laptop, you can aim for a successful career in the blockchain sector.

However, a degree in computer science can definitely bring success with one or the other employer. The blockchain industry is particularly suitable for career changers from the programming and development sector.

In addition to programmers, many companies are also looking for graduates with a

Business background. So it can also be a degree in economics, which brings a job in the field of crypto.

Furthermore, social media managers are also needed here and there to make the companies and their products better known. Here you need either a training as a social media manager or a degree in the media field.


Depending on the exact job profile, the salary in the field of blockchain varies more than in almost any other industry. The average salary of a blockchain programmer is between 135,000 euros and 160,000 euros gross per year. Depending on the skills and employer, the salary can also be far above the average.

How much do you make in the blockchain space?

Starting salary135.000€
Average salary147.000€
Top salary160.000€