Side job freelancer: Work freelance next to your main job

Entering the world of self-employment is always a bold step for employees. Points to consider, to maintain financial security and to be successful with the company in the end. Many founders therefore decide in the beginning to fill the self-employment first only in the part-time job. This is a good way to test your business and try out being self-employed. But it takes a little preparation and knowledge for the right way to handle part-time self-employment.

Pay attention to taxes and inform health insurance

An important factor directly related to a side job deals with the tax guidelines for a side job. Additional income in this form must also be reported to the tax office and is otherwise considered tax evasion. So, if you want to be sure, you should connect directly with a tax advisor or other tax professional. Such contact is important if one wants to have the relevant questions answered later on.

In addition to contacting the tax office, the health insurance company is also an important institution to inform. Here, too, the new assessments and, of course, any risks arising from the freelance activities must be reported. Initial information on the subject is provided by the Existenzgr√ľnderportal of the Federal Ministry. Depending on the health insurance, however, there are very different points that need to be considered.

The best way to find out about these is to ask your own health insurance company.

Even otherwise, legal issues have become an important point of one’s life with the start of partial self-employment. One has to deal with the various aspects and, for example, consider taking out legal protection insurance. Thus, in the event of a case, one can have a legal protection at one’s disposal.

This is especially true if high investments are made or if you are self-employed in an industry in which your own activities entail high financial risks. Insurance providers usually inform self-employed people free of charge about the various options for legal protection.

But once you have left these formalities behind you, you can concentrate on the actual activity in the part-time job. This is a good way to foresee one’s own chances in the market and perhaps move on to real self-employment later on. Thus, the search for the best services and the opportunity to prove oneself rightly have their own charms for budding entrepreneurs.

However, constant feedback and advice on one’s own entrepreneurial situation remains an important factor for one’s own success, especially in the early days of self-employment.

Consultations, training and the right clients

Of course, you should have the appropriate skills for your field of work – even if it starts with freelancing only as a part-time job. For most people, this is first and foremost the entry into a new world of work. The financial security through the actual job is given; however, at the same time one gets more possibilities how to continue one’s career.

Many people today opt for such a model instead of taking the step into self-employment directly. Accordingly, there is frequent discussion in Internet forums about the tax issues surrounding part-time jobs on a 400-euro basis. In the forum, answers to the most common questions on this complex topic can be found quickly; at the same time, one has the opportunity to get free and non-binding advice on individual problems with self-employment.

If you inform yourself with such portals and of course the right advisors, you will have a good chance in the end that your own entrepreneurship will be a success. And who knows, maybe one can find out with the side-employment that one can make the life as a freelancer exciting and profitable. So in the end, this experience can offer a whole new twist to one’s professional life and thus career.