What does a full stack developer do?

A full stack developer is a programmer who works in both front-end and back-end development. He can develop almost all applications and functions. A full stack developer is an all-rounder who has a wide range of expertise.  However, he usually has less expertise than a backend or frontend developer.

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Main tasks of a Full Stack Developer

A fullstack developer takes care of the complete stack. From the design and creation of web applications and the design in the frontend to the testing, monitoring and logging of the developed software. Thus, the Full Stack Developer has a profound knowledge of tools, techniques and programming languages.

In companies, the Full Stack Developer is the link between the frontend and backend. He ensures that all parts of a web application are well connected (design, frontend and backend, operating system and server) and that the collaboration between the different disciplines runs smoothly.

What are the responsibilities of a full stack developer?

The scope of work for a Full Stack Developer may include the following tasks:

  • Structure of databases
  • Design and development of API’s and microservices
  • Roll-out and implementation of the developed software
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Software tests
  • Data security
  • Further development of applications and tools
  • Review of codes from colleagues

Since the expertise of a full stack developer is very broad, he does not have as many avenues open to him as a programmer who specializes in one domain. Since the technological development is advancing rapidly, it is almost impossible for him to know every specialty in each field. Basically, as a full stack developer, you don’t work on large, complex software projects.

Technologies and software

A full stack developer works with many different technologies and tools:

  • Oracle – Progres – Git – ASP MVC – Web Api – .Net core
  • Nuget – Symfony- Docker- Linux – Apache – MySQL

The technologies and tools they work with are highly dependent on the company. The programming languages used also vary greatly (e.g. C#, PHP, Javascript, HTML5). It is often expected that the Full Stack Developer is proficient in more than one programming language.

Workplace: Where can you work as a developer?

A Full Stack Developer can work for many types of organizations and companies. Larger companies and organizations (banks, municipalities, ministries) often have their own IT departments where a Full Stack Developer can work. However, full stack developers can also work for advertising agencies or software companies.

Scrum and Agile methods are often used in IT companies. As a full stack developer, you often come into contact with product owners and scrum masters. Depending on how the company is structured, they work with backend, frontend, UX designers, software testers and online marketers.


To work as a Full Stack Developer, you need to have completed an education or degree in the field of computer science.

  • Information technology
  • Computer engineering
  • Software development
  • System and network technology
  • Communication and multimedia design

Demonstrable experience with certain systems is often more important than a completed course.

Salary of a Full Stack Developer

The starting salary of a freelance full stack developer is around 55,000€ gross per year. Later in their career, the average annual salary is around 70,000€ per year. Top candidates earn up to 120,000€ per year.

How much does a full stack developer make?

Starting salary55.000€
Average salary70.000€
Top salary120.000 €

The hourly rate of full stack developers is on average 75€ per hour. For an 8-hour workday, the daily rate is therefore 600€ per day.